Saturday, 23 March 2013

News Shoot: Bringing walk to the talk - Pacific Energy Summit

It's time for the Pacific to get serious about renewable energy - that's the shout-out coming from the organizer's of the Pacific Energy Summit, being held over the next three days in New Zealand. The summit aims to bring together the leaders of the Pacific's island nations - with their plans for the clean energy transition clasped firmly in hand - and marry them to donors able to turn roadmaps into destinations. A touted aim of the summit is to flip a decade or more of good intentions and pilots schemes into action that will see Pacific islands generating around half of their energy needs renewably.

The island nations are being represented by the Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands, among many others. On the donor side, the summit has the EU, the Asian Development Bank and Australian AID. The conference co-host is New Zealand; its Foreign Minister, Murray McCully said the summit has the goal of "committing several hundred millions of dollars in new infrastructure.”

Ambitious, but necessary, if the developed world is to help nations at the mercy of both accelerating climate change, and energy infrastructure hooked on fossil-fuels. “What we are attempting is at the very ambitious end of the scale. But the goal of substantially reducing the dependence of Pacific countries on imported diesel for electricity makes this worth a serious effort.” [Read more here]

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