Thursday, 1 August 2013

News Shoot: In Maldives, private sector & international agencies filling gap in RE policy

Since last year's resignation by the Maldives President, Mohamed Nasheed, much has been left hanging in the air in this Indian Ocean nation of atolls and tourist resorts. That has included a bold policy for advancing renewable energy across the Maldive's 192 inhabited islands.

The new president, President Manik, is now seeking to gain funding for a revamped  Sustainable Renewable Energy Project (SREP), that looks to lay the foundation for the islands going carbon-neutral. The 300,000 people living on the Maldives are perhaps those most threatened with national destruction by global warming -- nowhere on the Maldives is higher than 8 feet above sea-level.

In the mean-time, private companies and international donors are having to fill the gap. Head of Renewable Energy Maldives, a private company, had this to say to the local newspaper this week:

“Essentially, we are doing the work despite the government. President Manik’s government has not honored the Memorandums of Understanding signed under the previous government. Additionally, Fenaka – the re-centralised utilities company formed under Waheed’s government – has spent all of 2012 restructuring. Since September 2011, REM and the Japanese Government are the only ones implementing renewable energy projects." [Read details on the Maldives renewable energy efforts  here]

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