No man is an island..

..but we are all island dwellers.

We float on our pin-prick of life, flotsam on the infinite tide of the universe. Just like each of the scatter of isles that punctuate her oceans, our own precarious island Earth is finite. She has limits and bounds, and won't suffer those who transgress them.

We, however, have trespassed over her at will. We have emptied her teeming oceans and cacophonous forests. We have tainted her airs, and brought acid to her seas. We've plundered and burned her innards, and raised her to a roiling climate storm. Our island is no longer a paradise.

But in the infinite complexity of a planet in turmoil, not all are afflicted equally. Some are on the front-line - and here the metaphor becomes real. Because it is the island nations of planet Earth who are fated to deal with the Age of Consequences. Islands face the rising oceans, the shrivelling oil supplies, the rising heat, with nowhere to go.

They are the ones in the Hot House.

That could be a cause for despair, but it is also a spur for action. Island nations are rising up to the challenges of global warming, resource depletion, marine pollution and vanishing fish. They are forging new alliances, embracing clean energy, reworking society and devising solutions.

They are nurturing the shoots of hope in their own hot houses of innovation.

We have a lot to learn from them. Because in midst of their struggles, do not ask for who the bell tolls.

It tolls for you.

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